ecoligo GmbH

Award winner for
Innovation for Development (Category B)


ecoligo GmbH is a medium-sized company founded in 2016 with headquarters in Berlin. It offers holistic service solutions in the field of renewable energies – especially solar energy – for corporate customers. The focus of its business activities is on developing and emerging countries. Regional offices are located in Accra (Ghana), Nairobi (Kenya), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and San José (Costa Rica).

The project

The project by ecoligo GmbH is intended to make it easier for companies to establish solar energy systems. To this end, ecoligo GmbH is developing a cloud-based, digital platform that brings together all relevant interest groups in the solar energy systems market for commercial and industrial customers in developing countries. All aspects of project development from financing to implementation will be bundled on the platform. For the idea of this platform, ecoligo GmbH was awarded the German Entrepreneurship Award for Development in February 2019.

The company’s distinctive approach and the results of the project

With the platform, ecoligo GmbH creates a central virtual place where the entire development process of a solar energy project comes together and where relevant data and knowledge can be gathered. This service removes barriers for companies that often hamper such projects. Providing these companies with affordable electricity enables them to grow and boost the local economy. On the other hand, by using renewable energies a company can reduce its emissions and can thus contribute to climate protection in their country.

How the prize money is used

ecoligo GmbH is financing the development of the complex platform, which consists of several modules, primarily from its own funds. The prize money is mainly used for the further development of the platform’s modules.

A man and a woman shake hands. In the background greenhouses and several solar panels.

ecoligo GmbH supports companies in developing and emerging countries such as Simbi Roses in Kenya in establishing solar energy systems. © ecoligo/Simbi Roses

Several rows of solar panels cover a large meadow area. Trees in the background.

A solar plant supplies the rose cultivation company United Selections in Kenya with affordable, climate-friendly energy. © ecoligo/United Selections