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HAWE Hydraulik SE is a medium-sized, internationally active family business with headquarters in Munich. Its hydraulic components and systems for mechanical and plant engineering are in demand worldwide – especially in the fields of energy, infrastructure, efficient production and food/nature. The company has 19 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia. For HAWE Hydraulik and its 2,500 employees, sustainable entrepreneurial action is a matter of course.

The project

Since 2017, trainees of HAWE Hydraulik SE have been involved in the project Pump up the chance for Africa to promote training in Africa. For this purpose, the trainees developed training concepts and built training models. At the training center in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, they conducted hydraulic trainings and trained local specialists. The project is part of the “Specialists for Africa” initiative of the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). Similar projects are about to be launched in Nigeria and Kenya.

The company’s distinctive approach and the results of the project

HAWE Hydraulik has over 70 years of experience in the field of hydraulics. During the project, this valuable know-how could be passed on – from the company’s trainees to the trainers on site. Since then, the local trainers have been conducting the hydraulics trainings themselves at the training center in Botswana. In a follow-up project, HAWE specialists will teach how to independently service and maintain the required machines on site. Thus, the expert knowledge will not only be applied by foreign specialists, but also made available to the locals. In this way, qualified local personnel increases the industrial added value in the country.

How the prize money is used

With the prize money, HAWE Hydraulik organizes a maintenance workshop with experts in Botswana. The idea was born during a visit to the training center where the trainees discovered old and partly broken machines and equipment. The prize money will be used to train the specialists on site to carry out the repairs themselves and to maintain these machines and the new training models independently in the future. The trip of HAWE’s specialists to Botswana and the procurement of necessary spare parts will also be financed with the prize money.


The award-winning project has now been largely implemented. As with many things, the corona pandemic had called for some postponement. At the beginning of this year, the employees of HAWE Hydraulik were finally able to hand over the last training models in Abuja, Nigeria, and carry out the planned hydraulic training.

In addition to the expenses for training and maintenance workshops, HAWE also used the prize money to procure spare parts and tools for the defective machines on site. In this way, the trainers of the training center will be able to repair the machines themselves in the future and impart these skills and the necessary knowledge to their junior staff in practical activities.

Already in 2019, HAWE apprentices were in Botswana and had passed on their knowledge to young colleagues on site. With great success, as the video proofs.

The current HAWE trainees are planning and assembling three training models that are to be sent from Germany to Kenya. In the near future, training courses for the local trainers and trainees take place on site. Things are also continuing in Botswana, where a maintenance workshop for the trainers of the training centre there is planned for the end of the year.


“Pump up the chance for Africa” is part of the @VDMA initiative “Professionals for Africa”. By means of practical training on modern training models, HAWE trains future African specialists in hydraulic technology, who can then pass on this knowledge. In the future, qualified personnel will also be available locally and can contribute to the industrial added value of the respective country.


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Photos in this section: (c)Thilo Mindt

Eleven men and women stand in front of a machine in an industrial hall. Some of them point their dirty fingers into the camera

At the training center in Gaborone (Botswana), HAWE Hydraulik trainees get their hands dirty together with local specialists. © HAWE

Two young men look at a machine in the entrance area of an industrial hall.

HAWE Hydraulik’s trainees get machines running at the training center in Gaborone (Botswana). Afterwards, the technical personnel on site will learn how to use and maintain them themselves. © HAWE

Four young men stand in a row in front of the camera. They point their thumbs up.

In Gaborone (Botswana) the HAWE Hydraulik trainees work together with their African colleagues. © HAWE