Category A:
Business for

Before submitting an application, please ensure that it matches our award criteria.

Projects and measures that companies have already put into practice or are running successfully are rewarded in the Business for Development category. The award is granted in recognition of long-term entrepreneurial commitment that goes beyond a company’s customary business activities abroad and produces measurable development results on the ground. In line with the traditions of CDG e.V. and GIZ, the focus in this category is placed on activities linked to education and training. Actions solely geared to PR, fund-raising or one-off relief efforts are not eligible for the award.

The projects and measures should be related in some way to education and training, in keeping with the priority area of CDG’s work. In addition, they should contribute to the achievement of at least one of the following objectives:

Local economic development by training employees and/or building the capacity of suppliers and/or companies in the partner country

Examples of this may include:

  • Training skilled workers over and above the company’s own needs
  • Training suppliers in order to promote sustainable economic activity and improve their lives
  • Training people working in the informal sector in order to give them a sound vocational grounding for the long term
  • Cooperating on education and training with local enterprises in a specific industry or with nearby universities
  • Implementing measures to improve the integration of women or disadvantaged individuals into the economy
  • Training people from developing countries and emerging economies in German companies, intercultural exchange
  • Adopting approaches to eradicating child labour and inhumane working conditions.

Provision of technologies, knowledge and/or infrastructure to improve the lives of local people over the long term and/or to promote sustainable economic activity

Examples of this may include:

  • Health and awareness-raising programmes at the workplace and in the company’s wider setting
  • Environmental education in the company and its wider setting
  • Activities in the company and/or its wider setting to promote the sustainable provision of energy, water or food
  • Establishment of infrastructure (education, health, transport, etc.) in the area of the company
  • Projects and training courses aimed at disseminating a method or technology designed to promote sustainable economic activity in the locality.


For information on the application criteria, the application documents and the selection process, please see here.